Dr. Saadia Yemeni falafel

  • ד"ר סעדיה פלאפל תימני
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A business selling falafel longtime existing 16 years and Yemeni falafel dishes dispenser. The place is modest and not making a lot of noise, and advertisements in the clean design and not flashy.
Great falafel and savoury with a lot of greenery in there, so obviously when שנוגסים sees green in the ball.
More on the site, sabih
Prices are similar to the market:
Her 16 $
Half 9 $
Sabich-17 $
The staff is very nice place.
You can sit at the counter, eat, drink, and leafing through a magazine can.
The place for managing AVI Ben Menachem, Yehuda Cohen, who moved into their ice-cream ball bullets.